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In December 2008, CCS, Commission for Consumers Security, (an independent french public authority  which includes consumer groups, industry experts & professional organizations) published a very strong warning against  a majority of ethanol fireplaces on the market, specifically addressing the models with “ Kleenex box type” burners.

This commission recommended a list of security measures necessary for public safety including a CO2 detector and anti-flash features. Significantly, the CCS called for a specific Standard regulating the ethanol burners industry .

At the same time, Mr. Luc Chatel,  Industry Secretary of State, released an official statement urging ethanol fireplaces manufacturers, importers and distributors, to comply with and implement these security measures in the manufacture of their fireplaces : “Appliances must be equipped with the necessary security features to prevent CO poisoning, burns and fire hazard“

Since the government's announcement, AFNOR published in August 2009 , the French Standard D 35-386  “ Ethanol Fire Appliances Safety Requirements & Test Methods”. burners original design and manufacture pioneered in their compliance of these requirements. In june 2010, the norm has been made compulsory for public places.  In case of an accident in a private place with a non-conformed fireplace, based on the CSC's recommendations and the government's issuance, insurance companies may be within their rights to deny coverage, thus increasing the liability of industry distributors or manufacturers.